kwik sew 3693

December 16, 2010

Final Garment Finished! All I have to do is show it in class!

Kwik Sew 3693

This hooded sweater is Kwik Sew 3693 View A, with no pockets. I didn’t do a fantastic job using the overlock stitch on the hem, so I was worried about how the pockets would come out using the same technique. Then I tried it on and decided that I liked the look better without pockets. It looks more dressy. I didn’t finish the sleeve cuffs as directed because I wasn’t sure how long I wanted them (I have a thing for bracelet-length and three-quarter sleeves) and I like the way the contrasting fabric back looks when you roll them back. So, I’m going to wait a few wearings before I decide on or if I am going to finish the sleeves. I might also put a button in to hold it together at the top.

The fabric is a wool and nylon blend interlock I got from that handled really well. This was my first time using stretch material, and I survived!

In addition to my first time using the overlock stitch (number 8) on my bernina aurora 450, I used the “lightening” stitch (number 9), which is like a super-tiny zigzag stitch designed to look like a straight stitch on stretch fabrics. I used it on the 2″ hem. I think it looks good. We’ll have to see how it wears.

I think this was a good first go, but I need to sew a lot more to get my technique down. Yay for finishing something!

By levanah