A key

January 25, 2011

This last week has has been like a sugar rush. The excitement of starting a new semester, seeing old friends, and the lust to know already the content of the classes I’ve signed up for (and the anticipation for next semesters’ classes) I’ve been lax posting so far this year, but it’s not for lack of content! There have been dark valleys lit by the warmth of love, and unexpected high notes I want to share. I have a list of 16 posts all half-started, but like a wave, the tide of ideas and words ebbs when I sit down to write.

Is this just the winter doldrums, or has the season been more hectic than usual? I promised myself I would launch my defense against the oppressive darkness early this winter. I would not be huddled under the covers for warmth, wondering how all of the thoughts and to-do lists that had stolen my sleep had become so insignificant in the morning, or afternoon, drowsiness.

The year has already taken and given.

We have lost a loved one, shared the bereavement of a family. Pandora hurt her foot, and Morgan has scared me to death. We’ve both been sick, and Rob’s back and ankle bother him. Whisper has carried some new friends around. I’ve played with Monty the horse, got a new toy, learned to knit, and not been the last person to finish a 5 mile race. Things have not been dull around here.

I hope to fill more posts, but I need to find the key to unlock the thoughts all jumbled in my mind…

By levanah