cockades, in progress

February 6, 2011

I did manage to organize all of my notes and clean up my SIX half-finished cockades, but I have not got around to taking more pictures, so here’s an in-progress picture of the back of my favorite of the three cockades I did finish:


It was fun to organize all of my notes, and once I finish my cockades, I have a few other projects to work on: a work-board, and a pleating board. Candice was very generous with her knowledge and showed us how to make everything she demonstrated, including her special work surface, handouts to make the pleating board, and notes on how to make just about any cockade we can imagine. Of course, the missing ingredient is experience, and I can only get that by continuing to make cockades.

I have a post planned where I share the tools of the trade, but I to remember to take pictures when the sun is out.

During the class there was a vendor present with a truly tempting array of buttons and ribbons for us to peruse. I managed to keep myself to a few vintage buttons and four yards of striped ribbon.


I love my canon s95.

By levanah