textiles test

February 17, 2011

We have our first test in textiles tomorrow and I can’t find anything else to procrastinate doing, so I’m updating my blog. So far I’ve cleaned my desk, re-organized my knitting stuff, installed software on the laptop, and read blogs. I need to make sure I can remember the 16 fiber characteristics:

length, luster, resilience, size, strength, elasticity, dimensional stability, cross-sectional shape, pliability, absorbency, plasticity, surface contour, abrasion resistance, crimp, density, and the effects of heat.

Piece of cake, right?

This unit is on natural fibers (cotton, flax, ramie, and silk). The class is three hours long one day a week, so after our test, we start the unit on man-made fibers. THEN I have a two hour Portfolio development class. It’s a half-unit class, it only meets for four days, 8 hours in total. I’m not really ready to even think about a portfolio…and not sure I ever will be. But I do think I should know what a portfolio should have, just in case.

Monday’s Flat Pattern class is starting to get fun. I find dart manipulation quite satisfying. And Wednesday’s Designer Techniques class has finally become interesting to me. Maybe I’ve finally got enough sleep the night before.

I’m looking forward to Costume Construction and Millinery next month. Next month we also get to find out what classes will be offered over the summer and next semester. I can’t wait to find out!

This morning during a break in Designer Techniques class, Elizabeth and I got trapped at the food truck during a hail storm.

Hail for breakfast

By levanah