February 21, 2011

I was re-arranging the blog and I accidentally posted an “about” post, which I have deleted. Essentially I moved the about page to a new spot and I am redirecting the “www” address to the blog. It’s as boring as it sounds.

I was going to sew like crazy yesterday and today, but I re-arranged my sewing room(s) instead. I’d post pictures, but it’s a bit of a disaster still. Do not ever use the sticky crap that comes with bulletin boards to try to put them up. It ends in sadness. I wound up using an exacto blade to cut the sticky parts off the paint off the wall, leaving huge white chips in the beige paint. Nail holes are much easier to cover. Happily, the whole mess is now covered by the new bulletin board, which is secured with good ol’ fashioned nails. Poor wall.

The Textiles test last week went well. I think I got a B. I missed a few questions I should have known the answer to, and possibly was careless on a few others. I felt pretty confident about it though. We’ll see on Thursday how I did.

The hail from the last post eventually turned into snow, and we have lovely snow-capped peaks encircling the San Francisco Bay Area this week. brrrr. I’ve been bundled up inside with the heater on, so I failed to get a picture.

By levanah