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February 27, 2011

I got my grade back on the textiles test: a nice, solid B! Pretty good considering how “little” I studied. I mean, I actually studied, but I missed one night of the three I’d scheduled for myself. I think I will start studying a little sooner for this next test as there’s slightly more to memorize. And now that I’ve set a bar for myself, I’ll be disappointed if I get a lower grade…

We finished our eight-hour Portfolio Development class on Thursday night. As a class we created one portfolio “line.” A real portfolio would have multiple lines or sections consisting of a title page, mood page, fabrics page, multiple design drawings and flat pages, and a conclusion page. Elizabeth, Michelle and I were on the “Graphics” team, which meant we worked a little on all of the pages. Our instructor thought the project turned out well, and that our class was great. It was fun, and it was nice to have something finished. I didn’t take pictures of the finished portfolio, which was a team project that stays at school, because it was 9:10 pm when we finished and I wanted to go HOME.

I seem to have some major sewing mental block. I have at least a dozen projects all lined up, and I just can’t seem to move forward on any of them. It’s like I’m waiting for some magical point where I’ll have all of this hypothetical knowledge amassed, and then the dam will burst and I’ll actually translate it into real-world productivity. I’ve been waiting for this dam to break for a few decades now…

Speaking of “amassed,” I’m taking a class for my serger on Thursday 3/3 that will cover the multiple uses of it’s chain stitch (cover stitch) and various feet. I needed some fabric to use to make my samples, and I was going to run off to Joann’s to get some muslin, when I decided I should see if I already had some in my stash, first. This turned into a walk down memory lane, of projects forgotten but not lost. I can still remember why I bought each fabric wad, but it seems that I frequently forgot that I’d actually bought the stuff. At least I located the 10 or so yards of muslin I already had before I bought any more.

the stash
Sorry about the crappy quality of the picture.

This weekend I need to make my sloper and make some dart manipulations for Flat Pattern. I should also start working on my first garment for Designer Techniques.

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