a mountain in the rain

March 6, 2011

At some indecent hour of the morning, Judy and I are on our way to Montara. Jennifer and co. should also be joining us. We’re participating in the Montara Mountain Trail Run starting at 8:00 am. It’s actually 5.9 miles with 1100 feet of gain. Judy is going to run, I am going to hike. My goal is to finish. I’m hoping I won’t be the last one in, but I guess “last one in” is better than not trying at all. When I checked the weather, it looked like a 100% chance of rain, so it’s going to be extra fun.

I’ve packed my Garmin 405, heart-rate monitor, electrolytes, pain killers, goo packs, water bottle, rain jacket, sweater, and a change of clothes. I guess all that’s left is to sleep.


By levanah