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April 3, 2011

Wow, has it really been this long? I blame my lapse of interest here on the something like 20 days of rain we had. I always forget that the very last part of winter is what does me in. I’m so grateful that daylight savings started early this year. The last week has been lovely, with sunshine, temperatures in the 80’s, and light until 7:30pm. Friday night we actually used the grill! I’m ready for summer, right when the blah weather returns. Oh well.

Let’s see, what’s happened in my safe little corner of the universe since my last post?

  • I completed the 6 MILE run. I did better than I’d hoped, which means I didn’t come in last, and I finished! I haven’t run since then (see note about sucky weather, above).
  • I took a Millinery class and made two hats and a fascinator. I’ll post pictures shortly.
  • Found out what classes are being offered in the Fashion Department next semester.
  • I did better on my second textiles test (got an A!)
  • Got A’s on my Designer Techniques and Flat Pattern sample binders.
  • Pretty certain I bombed the Flat Pattern mid-term.
  • Had some great dressage and jumping lesson on Monty (the horse).
  • I don’t think I’ve been doing well on my singing, but I was sick for a bit.
  • I had an ear infection, or something.
  • Let Rob take me house hunting.
  • I finished a dress!  I’ll post that shortly, too.

So yeah, Summer and Fall term classes! I’m so excited because the classes I was hoping would be offered, are being offered! Summer looks like:

– Copying Ready To Wear (RTW)
– Serger Basics (definite maybe)
– Fashion Entrepreneurship

The Fashion Entrepreneurship class is a full 3 units, completed in just five weeks. Ugh. It’s required for the certificate, and while I’m pretty sure I don’t want to have a sewing business, I’m intrigued to discover whether or not I could do it. Wholesale fabric sounds… tempting. *rubs hands together greedily* Serger Basics I keep changing my mind on. I’ve already taken the serger basics class that came with my machine, but the class is only 4 days long, and I what if it’s awesome? Copying RTW was a big conversation on the internet a while back (here and here).  Emulation is the foundation of fashion, and more information on that concept can be found here in one of my favorite TED talks.  I more recently found this article titled How to Steal Like an Artist that dovetails with the conversation quite nicely.

Here’s my personal feelings on copying RTW:

  • If you buy it, copy it, and return it: shame on you.
  • If you buy it and copy it, I bet the one you made fits better than the one you bought.
  • If you took a picture of it and tried it on in the dressing room, then went home and whipped up something similar or even better: you are freaking awesome.

It’s interesting that the more I learn about sewing my own clothes,  the less excited I am about store-bought clothing, anyway.

Oh!  I almost forgot to post what I was looking at taking in Fall:

  • Techniques of fit – making clothing fit
  • Tailoring – making coats and other tailored clothing
  • History of Fashion – from the beginning to about the 1960’s, I believe
  • Fashion Draping – making a garment pattern by draping muslin fabric on a dress form

I was also looking at taking these one unit, short classes:

  • Intro to Costume Industry – three Fridays driving around to costume shops!
  • Pattern Grading – making a pattern a larger, or smaller size
  • Lingerie Design and Construction – making undies!

I’m looking at only one more unit than I am taking this semester, so I think I can do it.  Then I’m very, very close to finishing the Custom Dressmaking and the Theatrical Costuming certificates!

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