hats off to you!

April 4, 2011

I took a millinery class in March. I took a hat-making class way back in October where I hand-blocked two felt hats, which I wrote about here and here. I actually mostly finished those two hats and wore them to the millinery class this time. Luckily the weather was gloomy and dark, so the hats felt perfect.

I need to tack down the felt ties a little better on the cloche.

felt hat with cockade
I added a cockade I made back in January at the cockade class I took that was taught by Candace Kling, which I wrote about here and here.

In the March Millinery class, offered by Cañada College (taught by Wayne Wichern!) and applicable to my certificates, we made three hats: a straw hat, a buckram hat, and a fascinator.

straw hat
I hand-blocked this straw hat, so it’s amorphous. It has a very 1920’s look about it when it’s on, and it’s reversible.

straw hat

I covered my buckram hat with a gold dupioni silk. I haven’t quite finished it yet.

gold silk dupioni buckram hat

I also made a sparkly flower thing to wear with it.
gold dupioni silk hat with flower


last, but not least, I made a fascinator. It’s a small hat or a large bin/broach with a veil. It is still almost completely put together with pins. The green stuff is not a part of the fascinator, it’s just some fabric I wound around the top of Hilda the dress form so that I could pin the fascinator to something and take a picture.

Now I just need to finish these up, and coordinate some outfits to wear them with, and take some pictures of them on my head!

By levanah