May 16, 2011

half-scale lab garments

Today in my pattern drafting class the self-drafted half-scale garments were due.  Half-scale is really fun to work in, and gives you an opportunity to work out ideas while not using a ton of fabric.  I somehow managed to forget that the half-scale was due today, but as I had already drafted the pattern and brought all of my supplies, I was able to finish it before the end of class.

my half-scale lab garment

It’s got some issues.  Somehow I managed to lose the dart-equivalent gathers on the right side of the dressform’s bodice.  I also managed to sew the skirt on the empire seam the wrong way, but fortuitously I had brought some trim and was able to “hide” that.  We did not have to sew zippers, so the dress is pinned shut where the zippers would be, and I didn’t finish the sleeve or skirt hems.  Even after all of that, I really rather like it.

Next week the full-scale final is due.  It’s going to be for a dressmakers size 10 (more like a RTW 8), so I’ll never be able to wear it.  That’s great though, because I’m making something I doubt I’d ever wear.

By levanah