how not to do your homework

May 16, 2011

This weekend I did five weeks worth of samples for my designer techniques class. We are shown 8-12 techniques per week and we pick 2 to make samples of and turn them in. I sort of [majorly] slacked off after spring break and did almost no homework.  Well, except for my final project: the Ten Godet Skirt (that I still have not posted a picture of). In addition, for the class each student presents a designer technique. I did cockades, which people really seemed to like. I also managed to turn in 4 of the 14 samples due with our notebooks on Wednesday. Wait, that doesn’t sound like slacking…

We all know that doing your homework all at once at the end of the semester is a Bad Idea(tm).  Except, I had a great time doing these ten samples!  I had a cup of coffee, put on some rockin’ tunes, and totally demolished my sewing room.  And I made a few things I really like.  It was really fun to just experiment for hours.


Shown clockwise from left to right is:

Only a one more class meetings (per class) and then finals!

By levanah