it’s looking like finals

May 20, 2011

Blogger has eaten this post twice now.  At least I wised up and made a separate copy this last time.

flat pattern final

Here’s a picture of what I’m doing this weekend. My Flat Pattern Final project is due on Monday at 9 am. I’m hoping to finish in time to make it to the Maker Fair on Sunday.

There’s a very small picture on my planning sheet of what It’s supposed to look like when it’s done, which I admit I did not use any of my Fashion Illustration skills on because I wanted to be able to fudge it a bit if I’d made my design too ambitious. I still need to draft my sleeve and the collar, and iron the Lisette twill. I’m hoping to make some covered buttons and facings in the fun quilting fabrics, just because I can. this dress will be for a dressmakers size 10, which is more like a RTW 6 or 8, which means I won’t be able to wear it, so I’m making it fun!

Yesterday we had a Fabric Analysis Practical Lab in Textiles. We received 6 mystery swatches and had to use chemicals, fire, our notes, book, and even the internets to identify the fiber content and structure, weave, and uses. I’m not sure how I did on that one, but it’s fun to think about how much I’ve learned!

Finals are next week. Wish me luck!

By levanah