finally done (for a little while)

May 29, 2011

School’s out for the summer!  Thursday’s Textiles test was my last test, and I’m feeling pretty good about my grade there.  Wednesday I had two finals: Designer Techniques and Costume Construction.  I think I did just fine in the Costume Construction class, though I missed some silly things on the very easy 50 question multiple choice test. *sigh*  In Designer Techniques I had already turned in my final, the grey skirt I still have not got around to photographing, so I polished off a UFO (UnFinished Object) from last year’s Summer Essentials Challenge (which is going on again this year!  Check it out!).  No picture of that, either.

I did take a picture of Monday’s Flat Pattern final project.  I drafted it myself:

flat pattern final

It’s bright, it’s yellow, and it has awesome fabric covered buttons!  The fabric on the buttons was also used on the undercollar and back neck facing.  It went together super-easy, which generally means that I did the pattern-work correctly.  Advanced Pattern Drafting is being offered next semester, and I think  I’m going to take that instead of Draping, which is offered more regularly.

Looking forward to hanging out a few weeks until summer school starts.  I plan to spend time with the horses, and maybe starting a few other projects I’ve been thinking about doing, like embellishing something for this week’s Sew Weekly Theme: Embellish This.

And just so I don’t forget to share, check out all of the cool people who have enough self-made items to participate in the Me-Made June Challenge!

By levanah