101in1001 redux

October 9, 2011

The time limit ran out on my first 101 Things in 1001 days on September 29th, 2011.  I give myself a C or “average” score on my success rate.  I did a lot of things I don’t think  I ever would have got around to because of the list: singing lessons, sewing classes, bike 40 miles, took climbing classes, learned to can things, participating in a 5k, etc.  It was great because not only did I have a list of things I wanted to do, which gave my a reason to do them, I also had a list of things Rob could see that I wanted to do, so he could support me.  It’s also great to have a record of all of the fun things I’ve done.

This time around I’d like to think I’ve done a better job of crafting my list, but if I do as much and have as much fun as I did in the last 1001 days, I’ll call it a win. I’ve moved the list to it’s own page, and I think I will attempt to make quarterly updates on my progress, because trying to sum up or pay tribute to the things I did do here at the end is kind of overwhelming!

If you want to know more about 101in1001 check out: http://dayzeroproject.com
If you’d like to see my new list, check out: http://blog.levanah.com/p/101in1001.html

And because a post with no pictures is dull, here’s a picture of us on our recent trip to Oregon and Washington state in August, which was in part so that I could mark off 101in1001#44 travel somewhere (not for family).

somewhere in Oregon

By levanah