truck! trailer!

April 4, 2012

Let’s start this reboot with happy recent events, shall we?

After a decade of dreaming, we got my dream truck and horse trailer! We went out on a Thursday night to check out a truck with every bell and whistle a girl could want at Morgan Hill Ford, which is about 40 miles away. I cleaned out my trusty ol’ Volkswagen Golf “just in case” we wanted to trade it in. And we drove home in a FORD F250 4×4 CrewCab. *squee!* I named her “Gracie” because for an ENORMOUS spaceship-sized vehicle, she’s kinda graceful. Okay, I just liked the name. The next morning we drove out to Sundowner of California in Auburn (about 3 hours away) and picked up a trailer. I had narrowed it down to two trailers I was interested in. We got there around 3pm, and they were so nice. They managed to set us up and add all of me accessories by closing time! Truck AND trailer, in less than 24 hours. To say I was stressed-out ball of happiness doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Both horses seem as happy with the moving equine food box as a horse could be. The truck is a pain to find parking for, especially at the Whole Foods parking lot, but she pulls that trailer around like it’s nuthin’.

new truck and trailer

By levanah