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April 24, 2012

I’m going to the Bridlewood Dressage show in Copperopolis this weekend. Originally I was just going to haul, but the CDS (California Dressage Society) show was cancelled due to rain earlier this month, so I decided to sign up for the Bridlewood show. One of the horses can’t go, so they don’t need me to haul for this one. I could have just skipped it. And now I’m freaking out that maybe I should have. I don’t expect to get very good scores. My plan is to not get thrown out of the ring (by the horse or by the judge), and to have fun.

I don’t know about you, but I think white breeches were the worst idea anybody ever had. I pulled mine out a few weeks ago and told myself: you’ve lost a few pounds since the last time you wore them, and maybe you are just being dramatic about how bad they looked. Uh, no. Totally traumatic. Luckily for me I happened upon the perfect product! The Kerrits Slender Rider Capri is a huge improvement for me.

Then there was a mountain of things to get. White pads! Whisper is a white horse, so I used black pads when I rode him in dressage. I remembered a few days before the cancelled show that I was going to need some white ones. Now the fun of trying to keep them white… I had to get black bands for braiding, new pillows and wraps, a cooler (Monty is a lot bigger than Whisper), etc. I also had to get a muck bucket and mounting block for the trailer.

WHY is it so difficult to get ALL of your memberships? I have to have three active memberships: USEF (United States Equestrian Federation), USDF (United States Dressage Federation), and CDS (California Dressage Society). The horses each have to have two: USEF and USDF. Sorting through which you actually need and which you can just pay the non-member fee is enough to make me want to tear my hair out. ugh.

I spent the Tuesday before the cancelled horse show improving the format of the packing list provided by Jeanette. Procrastination? Preparation? I don’t know. But I spent all day on it. Then a few days later I found a packing list a made ten years ago that I like a little better. Anyway, as someone else in the blogiverse might find it useful, I’ve included a link to the PDF below the picture.

The idea is that the left side is a pre-packing list. You go through and make sure each kit is complete before the show, or whenever you like to do an “inventory.” Then the right hand side implies what kits to bring for a day trip, and overnight trip, and a full show. The top of the right side is for the horse, the bottom is for the rider. You check of items on the right side when you have confirmed that they are PACKED and ON the truck or trailer. You can see in the image above that I’ve crossed out sections and items I won’t need to worry about.

I consider this a test version and I intend to change it once I’ve used it:
Horse Show Packing List (BETA) PDF

Now I’m off to go buy buttons for my Romfh Dressage Coat which has lost three buttons already…

By levanah