hey ditty ditty…

May 21, 2012

After many months of no sewing: I sewed something! On Tuesday night, which was NOT the night before I was leaving for the show, I finally got around to making myself a ditty bag for organizing my show items at a horse show. I think most people think of a ditty bag as the bag you stick kitchen stuff in while camping. Merriam Webster defines “ditty bag” as “a bag used especially by sailors to hold small articles (as needles and thread).” In my Theater Costuming class, I learned that they use the word “ditty bag” to refer to a multi-pocket bag that hangs from the hanger under a costume. The actor can then place personal items such as keys, wallet, and glasses, in the bag when they change into their costume. I thought that this was a perfect item to adapt to horse showing! So here’s a few pictures:

Ditty bag wihtout jacket

Here you can see the bag all by it’s lonesome. In the top row of pockets I have my hair nets, hair pins, and rubber bands on the left, and a sewing kit on the right. The middle row has a brush and comb, and my stock tie. The bottom row has a white pair of gloves and a black pair of gloves. I like to hang the mirror on the hanger like that so I can see what I’m doing to my hair (I haven’t figured out how to make my hair look good, yet).

Ditty bag showing

Here’s sort of an “action shot.”

Ditty Bag, covered

And here’s everything put away nicely.  I used it successfully at the Bridlewood show (post in progress!), and I plan to make a few more for friends. It will get it’s second run at the CNDC Dressage Derby this weekend.

How do you go about making your own?  It’s really very easy.  I have a tutorial planned for next week!

By levanah