May 23, 2012

On April 27 and 28th we took the horses out to Copperopolis for the Bridlewood Dressage Show.  One of the parents owns a lake house out there, and they were awesome enough to let us all stay there.  We only took four horses, and the show was really quiet and small.  The facility was freaking gorgeous. I took a few too many pictures, so just check out the photo album I’ve posted over on picasa.

This was my first Dressage show, and my first show with Monty.  While there I got to check off two items from my 101in1001 list:

#1 ride a dressage test (at a dressage show)
#89 learn to braid horse’s mane for show

Monty with braids
Monty, with braids. And very concerned that his stable mates are still up on the hill. Without him.

How did we do? Well, the drive out was pretty uneventful. I hauled Monty and Wings in my trailer, and followed the other trailer out. Once we arrived, we set up our little area in these gorgeous, huge stalls with enormous paddocks, and I was sure Monty never wanted to come home. We tacked up and rode around a bit. Monty needed to be longed, but he calmed down pretty quickly once he realized it was going to be the same routine as home. I washed his dusty rump and tail. While I did ask Jen a few zillion questions, I did my braiding by myself! Next time I’m going to try yarn braids, they’re a bit tighter than the rubber-band ones I did. We put on their hoods and put them to bed so we could get some sleep.

The next morning my first ride was at 9:47 am. I had to repair one braid, groom my very shiny horse, tack up, get myself dressed (check out the cool bag I made for organizing my stuff!) and get to the warm-up ring. The show was Friday-Saturday, and Friday was a really slow day, so the warm-up ring was very manageable. We headed to the ring do the our tests. Even though I had my test called I went off course for both of my tests on the first day, costing me two points on the movement I missed, each time. Even so, my scores are quite respectable, as the table below indicates. If you aren’t a “dressage person” it helps to know that an 80% is extremely difficult to get, and many people move forward with scores in the 60% range. A score over 70% is very nice. The second day I managed to do the figures correctly, but was unable to maintain my high score. Looks like we might have an aptitude for this. Hopefully we can keep it up at the CNDC Dressage Derby this weekend!

Training Level Test 1 Training Level Test 2
 Day 1 65% 72.857%
 Day 2 67.5% 70%


Here’s Monty afterward, with braids removed:

Monty, after braids.

By levanah