checking in

September 7, 2012

This summer has been an interesting one. I’ve been very active physically and it’s starting to show up in my body. This is both good an bad: I can see more muscle and less flab, but I also have more aches and pains. I keep hoping that I’ll just get stronger, but maybe I need to work on “smarter”?

Anyhow, for my 101in1001 I’ve made significant progress on, or completed:
21. Go camping (KCBD)
24. make another corset (Edwardian in progress)
27. clean garage (done, this is probably never-ending)
28. bike a total of 100 miles (however many trips that takes) (it took three trips!)
29. mountain bike a total of 10 miles (however many trips that takes) (I think I’ve gone 3 so far)
30. run/hike 50 miles a year (I might make it)
32. attend a dance class (jazz, ballet, modern) (eight weeks of ballet: done)
37. learn tatting (found an online class)
48. disc golf (I went twice last month)
49. bowling (went twice)
52. use public transit once (DC)
55. paint or draw 20 things (started)
56. see a band live (coming soon)
61. dye something (bought some dye)
70. make fried chicken (we fried pork chops, close, right?)
72. develop a yoga practice (for the most part)
74. continue growing my hair out (easy)
78. visit three museums (way more than that in DC)
89. learn to braid horse’s mane for show (I posted this one)
91. one: Do a Brian Sabo Clinic (posted this one, too.)
92. two: become proficient at Ultimate Frisbee

I also went to two other dressage shows (not impressive), and probably did something else I’d like to recall but I can’t at the moment because I didn’t blog about it. I took pictures for some of the above events, and I hope to write about them soon.

By levanah