the bike

September 1, 2014

Last April (as in April 2013) Rob and I bought new bikes as our Five Year Anniversary present to eachother. Our friend also got himself a new bike then, but he’s got a shiny-new bike now. With the 11-speed cassette… But I digress.

Here is a picture of Rob and the bikes at the top of the parking garage across from the new 49ers stadium. The new 49ers stadium is on a loop we bike near out house.

Anyway, I have a beautiful purple 2013 Trek Domane 5.2. Rob got a red one. It’s got ultegra components (that’s fancy, btw), it weighs like 19 lbs with all of it’s stuff on it, and she and I (yes, my bike is a “she”) have been over 2500 miles in the last 16 months together. How do I know how far I’ve gone? I’m a huge fan of my Garmin 810 and both and I’ve got a post or two about the garmin and the websites in the works.

I did the Wildflower Olympic distance Triathlon this past May (which I hope to do again in 2015!) on the bike. I have a three-part post in the works to cover my triathlon experience. We did the Western Wheeler LDT series which included a 72 mile ride around my hometown of Paso Robles. We also completed the 72 miles/7200 feet of climb Sequoia Century back in June. We hope to complete the 103 mile Gran course at Levi’s Granfondo October 5th in Santa Rosa. I have posts planned to talk a little more about these things.

This bike has been a great investment in my health and life. I do love to ride my bicycle, yes I love to ride me bike. 🙂

By levanah