things are looking a little different here… oops.

January 10, 2016

So it looks like I broke my theme. Which is good because I think I was kind of over that old theme anyway. I’ve been up to a few things lately and I thought I might just randomly start updating this thing.

What did you get for christmas? I finally have a camera that uses lenses so I can join the grownup world of photography. It’s mirrorless and I’m not terrible good at it, but maybe I will change the theme here to something more photograph-friendly once I come up with a few nice pictures. I mean I love my snapshots, but I don’t think they hold up in one of the photo-heavy themes.

I’m signed up for my third Wildflower Olympic triathlon. And if I hear one more long course person sniff about it, I might punch someone. I’m sure this is the same attitude the half-marathon people talk about. I do olympic because I don’t want to devote my life to the sport. I have other hobbies. Speaking of which…

Ultimate is going well. If I feel healthy and I’m in a positive mood, I’m doing pretty damn well. Unfortunately I’ve had some problems with my leg and shoulders so my 100% isn’t actually my 100%. Oh well.

Monty the horse has been trending healthy and good lately. I’m getting massively bored of dressage, but it’s better than not being able to ride at all.

The biking is going alright. I wish I was a bit more consistent, but I’d have to train more consistently, right? For the amount of energy I put into it I do pretty dan well.

Krav Maga has been super-fun. I love the people and it’s very cool to learn how to do something completely new.

I also do yoga, swim, and I really want to rock climb, but I did something to my shoulders and neck, so I’m going to be slow getting that back up to speed.

I feel the draw to sew something, and I’ve almost got the studio in a state where I can play in there again.

Anyway, here I am. Let’s see where we wind up.

By levanah