Welcome to www.levanah.com

What is “Levanah“? The word itself is the phonetic for the Hebrew LBNH (lamed-beth-nun-heh) which is an old Hebrew word for “moon”. I usually pronounce it leh-VAH-nuh. I chose the word as my first email account name, and I’ve held on to it since.

I was a student at Cañada College earning certificates in Custom Dressmaking and Theatrical Costuming, then I got distracted by Triathlons. I take singing lessons, and love to cook and bake. I have a horse and love to ride, and I’d love to know more about photography. I also run, do yoga, and enjoy road bicycling a bit too much. I used to rock climb a lot but I haven’t done that much lately. You might like: 101 things about me.

Blogging. Why would someone do this to themselves? I’m not entirely sure, really. I use this personal blog as an online scrapbook of things I find interesting, projects I’ve completed, events I’ve attended, and things I’d like to do. I also use it as a way to share with my friends and family. If blogs didn’t exist I’d probably write letters and mail news clippings to family and friends, just like my grandparent’s and parent’s generation did. I’d probably also invest thousands of dollars in the scrapbooking industry and try to make super-cute scrapbooks (all the while feeling guilty about consuming all of those paper products (and feeling guilty because I’d probably never finish any of those projects, either!)). I sometimes look at the blogs of people who are super-focused and I feel a little silly about my blog, but I’m just not that organized. And I’m not trying to fill a niche or market myself. This is essentially for me. I do occasionally wish I had a few more readers, just so I can have more online friends, but that will come with time. I really just loveLOVElove to read other people’s blogs, and this is my little homestead on the internet so that I can share, too. (excerpt from post on 6/14/2010)

Contact: blogmail at levanah.com